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Did You Mean...

At Pink Plumbing and Gas Ltd. we can appreciate the difficulty in the English language. There are so many ways to spell words and we want you to know that it's ok! We can explain everything...

There is a plethora of different kinds of plumbers, gas-fitters, technicians, and last but not least apprentices! 

The important thing to remember is that depending on how you spell the type of tradesperson that you are looking for , would make it easier on finding the right person for the job. Guess what!? We have the right person for the JOB!!! Here is a list of different job titles in our industry...

1. Plumber - A certified Red Seal Plumber is qualified to work on your piping and equipment in you home or business. Everything from Drinking water (potable water) to your Drainage (Sewer) to the hot water heating systems (hot water tanks). Here is a list of sub sections of Plumber and qualifications. 

1.1 Plummer - Qualified to change your toilet, faucet, and tub/shower fixtures.

1.11 Plumer - Carries in and removes the tools (and pipe)  from the building/jobsite. (One of the most important jobs as a helper for a Plumber!)

1.12.1 Plumr - Specializes is running pipe in new homes, renovations, and commercial buildings.

1.12.2 Plumrr - Same qualifications as a Plumr, but is certified to work in Industrial applications such as Mills, Mines, and Large vessels such as the BCFerries. 

1.13 Plumper (Field Work) - These plumbers are great workers! Unfortunately they have been placed on lite duty work and privileges for working on ladders, scaffolding, or scissor lifts has been taken away (temporarily). 

1.13.2 Plumpr (Shop Work) - Same as a Plumper, except limited to working at the Pink Plumbing and Gas Headquarters or shop. They deliver parts to the job sites, take care of the office staff needs such as, grabbing coffee from either Tim Hortons or Starbucks. 

1.14 Plomber - Installs appliances and heating equipment in Residential, commercial and Industrial buildings. 

1.14.2 Plomberr - Same as Plomber, however, they are not qualified to alter the electrical side of the appliances and heating equipment. Piping only!

1.15 Pulmer - Qualified concrete breakers. They remove the concrete slab, dig trenches in the sand, and basically prep for the installation of drainage piping. 

1.16 Pumber - Pumbers have a plumbing qualification in a country other than Canada. They are highly encouraged to take the red seal certification program at BCIT or Pacific Vocational College. 

1.17 Plunber - Qualified to work on PVC piping systems such as, central vacuum systems, conduit for Industrial buildings,  & drainage outside of a building (Civil Work)

1.18 Plumbers Crack - A term in the industry that gives the plumber or plumbing apprentice a mutual understanding that the customer will noticethe buttocks of the worker showing through the pants while repairing a that

1.2 Plumber Apprentice - A certified plumbing apprentice that is registered to be in the plumbing trade and is taking the necessary eduction and training to become a certified plumber.

1.21 Plumbi - a group of plumber apprentices 

1.22 Plumbling - An apprentice plumber that is directly related to a certified plumber. 

1.3 Plummbing - The act of installing pipe in a commercial infrastructure. 

1.31 Plummiting - The combination of using a tape measure and a plumb bob on a string to determine the location of a hole in the floor for a pipe to run through. 

1.32 Plumding - The  act of repeatedly installing fixtures of the same type in a commercial application. ie shower bases, or tubs, or toilets. 

1.33 Pluimbing - The act of removing old and expired drainage pipe and installing the newest acceptable pipe as per engineers specifications. 

1.34 Plumbin - The act of installing pipe at locations based in the interior of British Columbia.

1.35 Plumbink - The act of installing pipe at locations on the West Coast of British Columbia and remote locations, such as the Sunshine Coast.

1.36 Ploming - Specialty piping meant for underwater applications. 

1.37 Plumbng - When a Plumber also performs work as a certified gas fitter (Natural Gas).

1.38 PlumblpWhen a Plumber also performs work as a certified gas fitter (Propane).

1.4 Plumbers Crack - A term in the industry that gives the customer an unapologetic view of the buttocks of the plumber or plumber apprentice while the worker is under or inside of a cabinet in a kitchen or bathroom. 

2.0 More to come...

Other job titles...





If one or all of these job titles seem interesting to you, we are looking forward to hearing from you. We may have the perfect job lined up for especially for you. Contact Human Resources at Pink Plumbing and Gas Today!


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