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Red Flag #1

Today’s example… a client has already purchased or supplied their own air conditioning units and is looking for an installer.

The installer is going to assume that the units are inferior, cheap, used, or defective. The installer 9 times out of 10 is not going to be interested in installing the units because his reputation is on the line to figure out what is wrong with the units upon start up.

The installer most likely will charge you his going rate to install the units plus the mark up he would have made if he was to install his brand. Sometimes this works out to 1.5x the cost of install or more!!!

The installer could be inexperienced with your units and could incorrectly add a miscalculated charge of refrigerant to the system, and slug the compressor. (Slugging is when liquid refrigerant runs through the compressor. Remember that compressors only want a vapour state refrigerant running through the scroll !) What are you going to do?

You have no idea that your installer cuffed up!

He is going to tell you that your units were defective and to purchase his units.

You may refuse to order his products and re-order your original products.

In the end you probably could have bought a high end brand. For example, the brand we install and recommend, Samsung HVAC. Click on the underlined word Samsung and explore our products.

Think of all the hassle it takes to re-order the inferior brand that you ordered in the first place.

So now you are faced with a few options after the units have been installed and are not working…

1. Not pay the tradesperson. Tricky because he will immediately tell the tradesman in the area to not work on your home and you will have to out-source the labour from another city.

2. Pay the tradesman and leave a terrible Google review. Which hurts any business. Google reviews are like gold!

Or maybe you will tell your friends about your experience with the tradesman and that isn’t positive.

3. Or you may look for another tradesperson to install the replacement units. Will you go through the same ordeal again??? Who knows???

My advise - before you buy Air Conditioning products online.

  1. Find a reputable installer and get their opinion of the brand that you are considering.

  2. Get the installers availability to install your a/c units.

  3. Think of your power requirements to the compressor outside. You may have to talk to your electrician to see if you have room on the electrical panel.

  4. Be prepared to wait a month or two before the install is complete. We have a lack of tradesman in the heating air conditioning sector.

  5. Listen to the advise of your tradesman. Go with your gut. Do not be afraid to say to your tradesand, “hey, I saw this thing online that said this and this, what do you think about that.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read a red flag. Have a great day!!!

Want a good laugh? Check out our Did You Mean Section of the website.

Cody Berg @ Pink Plumbing and Gas

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